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The Friends of Bourne Council on Aging, Inc., publishes a monthly Newsletter as a means of contacting seniors in the town of Bourne regarding current events, programs and issues. With a monthly circulation in excess of 3,000 copies, the Newsletter serves as an information source in many different ways.

The Newsletter keeps seniors advised of the monthly activities and programs that are available at the Senior Center on a daily and monthly basis, as well as special events, programs and opportunities. Many of these programs are of critical concern to seniors and their families. The Newsletter is also a means of keeping seniors aware of the issues that affect their daily lives, such as changes in insurance legislation, tax issues, and safety matters, and more.

In the Newsletter, seniors, their caregivers and families can find a comprehensive list of the services available to them through the Senior Center, Town and other related agencies, as well as information on how to access these services.

The “Offerings” pages of the Newsletter list the programs and services available at the Bourne Senior Center.  To view the current “Offerings”, please click HERE.

The Newsletter also publishes a monthly calendar, featuring all Bourne COA and Friends events and programs, as well as other events of interest. To view the current Newsletter Calendar, click HERE.

Through the Newsletter, the community has the opportunity to recognize and thank those individuals and groups who support and contribute to the Friends, Senior Center and/or the Council on Aging.

For those seniors who are homebound, the monthly Newsletter enables them to keep informed on issues and events at the Senior Center, as well as services that are available to them and their families.

All members of the Friends of Bourne Council on Aging are sent a copy of the Newsletter on a monthly basis. Anyone wishing to join may do so by contacting the Bourne Senior Center at 508-759-0653 or by sending their name, address and annual dues to the Friends of Bourne Council on Aging, Inc., 239 Main Street, Buzzards Bay, MA, 02532. Annual dues are $10.00 per person for Bourne residents and $15.00 per person for non-residents.

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